History Exploration: Tours You Shouldn’t Miss in Singapore

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Speaking of history, why don’t you delve deep into Singapore’s history by participating in some of the best history tours in the city? Whether you’re a history buff or just curious individual, you’ll definitely enjoy taking a trip down memory lanes with these tours.

  •       Battle of Singapore in World War II Full-Day Shared Tour
  •       Changi WWII War Trail and Museum Tour
  •       Changi Chapel and Museum Half-Day Tour from Singapore
  •       Historical Battlebox Tour in Singapore
  •       Singapore Battlebox and Fort Canning Hill Tour
  •       Singapore Round-Island Tour with Changi War Museum, Kranji War Memorial, and Bright Hill Temple
  •       The Last Stand: The Southern Resilience Trail
  •       The Temasek Trail: Story of a Nation
  •       Twilight Marsiling Tunnel Tour in Singapore
  •       Private Changi Chapel and Museum Tour from Singapore
  •       Private Feng Shui Heritage Tour in Singapore
  •       Private Tour: The Fall of Singapore WWII
  •       Private Tour: World War II Introduction on Singapore



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